ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2024


Meet Xylon at ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo 2024 in Stuttgart, Germany, June 4-6, 2024.

Come by our booth #6310, where we’ll be presenting 3 different demos.


1. High Bandwidth Data Logging Demo

The XYLON QUATTRO® data logger and HIL system is future-proof and ready to support automotive development and testing up to the L5 level of autonomy. With 128 Gbps of data logging and playback bandwidth, 128 TB of internal data storage, industry’s best automotive interfacing, open software architecture and HIL capabilities, it offers an unprecedented feature set.

Xylon’s live data logging demo shows how the XYLON QUATTRO solves the most advanced requirements of today’s automotive industry.


2. Closed-Loop Multi-Sensor HIL Solution

Xylon and Cognata’s closed-loop multi-sensor HIL solution revolutionizes ADAS and AV testing by seamlessly integrating photorealistic simulation technology with compact and highly configurable hardware.

ProHIL enables real-time simulations, leveraging accurate sensor inputs for precise validation and verification of autonomous systems. With features such as real-time, closed-loop HIL and improved signal quality, engineers can easily accelerate development timelines, reduce risks, and ensure the reliability and safety of autonomous vehicles.


3. RGB-IR Camera in-Cabin Monitoring System

The RGB-IR is a new technology that leverages a Color Array Filter (CFA) with dedicated pixels for visible and IR light. The RGB-IR sensors capture RGB and IR images simultaneously and provide excellent visibility in varying day and night conditions.

Xylon offers an internally developed RGB-IR upgrade to the company’s logicBRICKS HDR ISP IP Suite for AMD FPGA and SoC devices. At the show, Xylon will be demonstrating the use of this new technology in in-cabin automotive applications by running its own Driver Monitoring System using the ARTIEYE DMS Technology Suite.


Don’t miss the opportunity to hear how Qualcomm is solving typical HIL validation challenges by using Xylon’s HIL system.
Mark your calendars for June 6, 15:45, and listen to the presentation Flexible HIL helps technology providers accelerate CI/CD capabilities

Thomas Dannemann, Product Marketing Director, Qualcomm
Gordan Galić, Technical Marketing Director, Xylon


See you at booth #6310!