Xylon in the media: Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine, April 2024 Issue


Current autonomous driving system architectures require a whole new bag of tricks from the data logging equipment

If you think that vehicle test data logging is a permanently solved industry challenge, well… you might want to think again. In reality, data logging is becoming more complex with the introduction of new autonomous driving system architectures. Although some OEMs opt for a fully visual approach in understanding the environment surrounding the vehicle, the vast majority of Tier1s/OEMs rely on heterogeneous sensor suites of Camera/Ultrasonic/RADAR/LIDAR.

To fully comprehend the complexity of modern data logging, let us dive into an illustrative example of a sensor suite and crunch some numbers. Imagine that the suite has eight 8 MP video cameras for an improved driving experience, safety functions, and autonomous navigation. Their high video resolution enables monitoring of the complete space surrounding the vehicle at different distances. Additional four 3 MP surround view video cameras enable easy parking.

LIDAR and RADAR sensors enable people and objects sensing even in complete darkness and during fog. ADAS/AD systems traditionally use fewer LIDAR sensors than cameras. The illustrated suite uses six LIDAR and four RADAR sensors.

Besides high-bandwidth automotive sensors, the sensor suite includes common simpler sensors such as 10 ultrasound sensors, GPS, digital and analog I/Os, etc. Unlike production vehicles, test vehicles use additional sensors for research and data logging control purposes. The suite from our example uses four reference video cameras to monitor the vehicle’s in-cabin area and specific exterior details such as road lanes.

Data logging equipment suitable for this specific sensory suite must fulfill requirements roughly divided into three groups: interfacing, data bandwidth and storage capabilities. Only top-level data loggers like the XYLON QUATTRO can reliably collect all precious data from the sensor suite at this level of complexity.

Find out more about datalogging challenges and how the XYLON QUATTRO is able to handle them by clicking on the article below or downloading the PDF version here. You can access the full version of the April 2024 issue of Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine by following the link: https://adas.mydigitalpublication.com/adas-autonomous-vehicle-international-april-2024/page-70

Xylon Article in AVI Magazine April 2024