Xylon in the media: ADAS & AVI Magazine, September 2023 Issue


Davor Kovačec, Xylon’s founder and CEO, shared his thoughts and expertise on the latest datalogging and hardware-in-the-loop testing trends and technologies in an interview for ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine.

“We have noticed that our customers move automotive system requirements to a new, much higher level. I would say that technology companies that develop SoCs and autonomous driving computing are leading that way. Recently we started to receive requirements for both data logging and HIL systems with more than ten (10) video cameras of different types and resolutions, including multiple cameras with respectable 8 Mpix resolutions and increased frame rates, supported with a reach set of LIDARs, RADARs, GSS/GNSS and other vehicle sensors.

Although such requirements seem impossible to meet, XYLON QUATTRO, our 4th generation data logging and HIL system is here to show everyone that it’s possible – it can connect all of those sensors with no extra converter boxes or other hardware adaptions. Even more, the described setup’s data bandwidth, data storage and pre-processing performance would occupy just a portion of available resources.

XYLON QUATTRO is future-proof and offers an unprecedented feature set; unrivaled 128 Gbps of data logging and playback bandwidth, up to 128 TB of internal data storage and industry’s best automotive interfacing. It enables direct connections of up to 16 video cameras with resolutions up to 32 MP, up to 16 high-end LIDAR via Ethernet of all flavors, and around 40 RADARs or other automotive interfaces including CAN, LIN, UART and FlexRay. The big novelty is open software architecture that will allow users to make a wide range of customizations without Xylon’s involvement. Besides obvious technical benefits, it provides various advantages business-wise and allows for higher customers’ independence.

That is the level of performance we offer today. It saves time and money, and leaves room for future growth.”

Find out more about our data logging star, our collaboration with Cognata and our upcoming exhibition appearance in California by clicking on the article below. You can access the full version of the September 2023 issue of Autonomous Vehicle International Magazine by following the link:

Xylon Article in AVI Magazine September 2023