Xylon Announces Rebranding in Celebration of Its 25-Year Anniversary


Zagreb, Croatia, September 17, 2020 – In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, Xylon, a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) cores, services and solutions based on programmable FPGA and SoC/MPSoC devices, and a manufacturer of flexible automotive data logging solutions, unveiled a rebranding campaign created to reflect the company’s evolution into a trusted and reliable technology partner capable of offering complete turn-key embedded electronics solutions to customers working on the most advanced video, computer vision and AI applications for automotive and other markets.

Since its establishment in 1995, when the FPGA IP market was in its early stages, Xylon has been focused on the design of embedded electronics based on FPGA programmable technologies. Dedicated work and care for customers, along with continuous investments in education, propelled the company and its growth from humble beginnings. Initially a small start-up with only two employees, Xylon has grown into a prominent company consisting of almost 100 team members. A small customer base and a handful of executed design projects have over the years turned into hundreds of global customers and successfully delivered SoC and FPGA designs.

Earlier this year, Xylon has moved into a new office space suitable for about 150 employees, which together with several laboratories for research in automotive applications space and a complete automotive data loggers’ assembly line, ensures further expansion and a steady organic growth.

Over the years, Xylon has opened offices in Germany, USA and Japan, and has developed successful partnerships with several globally known electronics companies. Xylon has also been intensively developing a distributors’ network, with a current emphasis on the development of the distribution network in Japan and APAC countries.

In recent years, Xylon has made large investments in the development and production of the logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger, a data logger for raw data harvesting in test vehicles, and realistic playback of collected test data in hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulations. This FPGA-based engineering masterpiece makes an invaluable tool for developers and test engineers of Autonomous Driving (AD) and ADAS automotive systems. The logger demonstrates advantages of a configurable hardware platform, such as flexibility, performance, etc., and offers a feature set that is out of reach to PC-based data loggers.

Development of the logiRECORDER is fully complementary with the company’s other FPGA-related business activities, which enabled Xylon to reach a higher level in its development. Xylon can now offer a wider range of products and services to advanced R&D teams working on the next-generation automotive and similar electronics systems. The company is able to develop complete devices from scratch; from schematics to full electronic PCBs, and from low-level firmware to high-level control software, including the design of rugged housings that withstand extensive temperature and vibration ranges. Xylon can also manufacture finished electronic devices in quantities appropriate for regular testing vehicles fleet. At the same time, working with the most advanced technologies enables the company to integrate them in the logiRECORDER’s test and measurement processes as they appear; just in time to provide it to developers when they need such test equipment – with no unnecessary waiting during the development of such and similar automotive devices.

“It’s been an exciting 25 years, and Xylon continues to innovate and invest in intellectual property for video, computer vision and AI based on programmable technologies,“ said Davor Kovacec, founder and CEO of Xylon. “We are evolving our business with system-level test and measurement innovations for the automotive market that seamlessly blend with our advanced expertise in FPGAs. At the same time, we are fortunate to have been able to maintain deep, long-standing relationships with global leaders in the automotive market, and we thank our customers and partners who have helped us with reaching this rare milestone for companies of a similar size and offerings. To round out our exciting 25-year story, we have to mention the key ingredient to Xylon’s success, and our greatest value – our employees. Without our exceptional, smart and hard-working team, this exciting journey wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.“

The rebranding includes a change of Xylon and logicBRICKS logotypes, as well as the launch of a new website dedicated to Xylon’s data logging solutions and related hardware products.

The company’s main Xylon logo has been refreshed with a modern font and a bold stylized X. Keeping the black and yellow coloring, which is applied on the logiRECORDER housing and has gained in popularity in recent years, reflects the company’s determination on preserving traditional values.

At the same time, logicBRICKS, one of the most recognizable brands in the IP market for programmable chips has kept its blue and white coloring, with a slight logo refresh to emphasize its continuing strength and value.

Along with the new branding, Xylon is rolling out a brand new website dedicated to the logiRECORDER Automotive HIL Video Logger and related hardware products. The website will provide customers, suppliers and distributors with comprehensive information, so they could better understand our product offerings. Xylon’s new website will be regularly updated with news of product launches, international activity, corporate milestones, events and latest developments. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new website at www.xylon-lab.com.

About Xylon

Xylon is an electronics company focused on design of flexible automotive data logging solutions, intellectual property (IP cores) and design services based on programmable FPGA and SoC/MPSoC devices. The company was founded in 1995, and has since then grown into a prominent provider of various solutions in the fields of embedded graphics, video and vision. Xylon is a Premier Member of the Xilinx Alliance Program. More information can be found at www.xylon-lab.com, and www.logicbricks.com, the official Xylon website.